Dana Abbott: If I could be a Bird

Instrumentation: soprano and piano
Playing time: 3' 20"

Dana Abbott composed this setting of “If I could be a bird” by Patrick Overton.  Overton’s poem soars yet is personal. The poem is not strophic.  The setting aims to mine various veins of its verbal imagery.

        If I could be a bird
     If I could be a bird I’d fly—
If I had wings I’d soar so high
I’d lose the sight of all below,
I’d go where only birds can go.
     If I could be a bird I’d leave
the world beneath in sudden flight,
I’d ride the currents wind streams weave
and breathe the pureness of that height.
     I’d fly until I left the earth
and all that kept me shackled there.
I’d fly until I reached my birth
and in the stillness of the air
I’d know that I had won…
for I would be a thousand lifetimes closer to the sun.
 Laura Anderson, soprano, and Pauline Troia, piano

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