Instrumentation: sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorders, and piano
Playing time: 14' 30"
Copyright 2020
Consortium (piano performance version) (Opens in a new tab)

The title, CONSORTIUM, is taken from the term “consort” referring to a consort of recorders.  “Consortium” consists of 5 movements, one for each recorder in the basic consort with piano.  The movements are: 1. Announcement, for bass recorder; 2. Little Bird, for sopranino recorder; 3. Perpetuum Mobile, for alto recorder; 4. Meditation, for tenor recorder; and The Fugue, for soprano recorder.  Consortium was written for mutual enjoyment during a visit from my friend, John Jensen.  The recorded performance by me and John was made in my living room with the assistance of Sara Sterns, recording engineer and velodromist extrodinaire.

Consortium recording