Instrumentation: solo piano
Playing time: 22'
Copyright 1988-1992
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“Reflections” is a set of 12 “re-compositions” based upon pieces the composer has long admired and enjoyed.  Each piece preserves some aspect of the harmonic structure of the reflected work.  While some of the original motifs and much of the original structures are incorporated, there is no conscious attempt to echo the character or affect of the parent piece. The sources for the twelve are drawn from repertoire spanning the last three centuries, including keyboard pieces, popular songs, an art song, and a string quartet.  The source pieces were composed by J.S.Bach, Wolf, Chopin, Schubert, Harold Arlen, Morgan Lewis, Anton von Webern, and Luigi Dallapiccola.  “Reflections” is recorded by John Jensen on “Reflections” INNOVA 503, issued by the Minnesota Composers Forum.

The first recording below includes the first five reflections; the second recording the last seven.

Piano Reflections Nos. 1-5

Piano Reflections Nos. 6-12