Russ Tango

Instrumentation: Bb clarinet, violin, string bass, accordion, percussion
Playing time: 5 mins
Copyright 2016 (198?)
Russ Tango (Opens in a new tab)
Russ Tango parts

Russ Tango was written for a “tango” contest sponsored by Russ Borud, the “go-to” recording engineer in the Twin Cities.  He created the contest because he thought the local composers were all taking themselves too seriously and that they needed a little “tango” in their lives.  I agreed and wrote “Russ Tango.”  This version is for the original instrumentation and uses all of the original material and ideas, but it has been somewhat revised to fit my present sensibilities; thus the computer realization until a live recording comes along.

Russ Tango (computer realized)