Song and Dance

Instrumentation: SATB Saxophone Quartet and Piano
Playing time: 30'
Copyright 2000
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Song and Dance was written for 4UATRE and John Jensen, pianist.  The title refers to music of the contemporary vernacular: funk, salsa, bebop and swing jazz, tango and more, all of which are song and dance forms.  As in much of my music, I am fascinated by crossing styles; while my music may seem to be jazz or salsa, the composed textures will often be contrapuntal, taking on forms such as fugue and chaconne.  Each of the five performers is given a feature role in a movement.  The piece may be played complete, as a selection of movements, or any single movement by itself.

The movements are: 1. “Overture” (cowbell is optional); 2. “Chanson Triste” (soprano sax and piano); 3. “Tango” (featuring piano); 4. “Caravane” (featuring alto sax); 5. “Bittersweet” (featuring bari sax); 6. “Clouds” (featuring tenor sax); 7. Swing (a hard swinging jazz style).  The first recording below has movements 1, 2, and 3; the second recording has 4 through 7.

Movements 1-3

Movements 4-7