Instrumentation: Alto Recorder, Violin, Piano
Playing time: 6 mins
Copyright 2018
BAMBU (Opens in a new tab)
Bambu parts

BAMBU, the Balinese spelling for bamboo, is the result of a music-centered trip to Bali in June, 2017.  The musical motif/texture set up by the piano and violin are lifted from a traditional riff played on the “rindik”, a pentatonic bamboo gamelan instrument.  While living in the small town of Bangah, at a “musical” compound, the rindik was often played by young and old as well as the newbies, myself included.  While there, I composed a melody for the Balinese “Suling,” a small bamboo flute.  After returning home I created this “Western” setting of the melody, combining the rindik riff and a number of variants.