The Summer Snows

Instrumentation: triangles, suspended cymbals, small gong, tom-toms, 3 pieces of metal, orchestral bells, vibes, marimba, chimes
Playing time: 6 mins
Copyright 1985/2012/2016
The Summer Snows (Opens in a new tab)

“The Summer Snows” is inspired by the above poem written by my uncle, Clinton Hamlin Blake III.  Rev. Blake was a country Episcopal minister who lived in Maine and up-state New Hampshire.  He often lived in the small hamlet of Sugar Hill and wrote much poetry and piano music.  Dandelions, the “physical” topic of “The Summer Snows,” are plentiful and very beautiful in up-state New Hampshire.  In keeping with Uncle Clinty’s interest in the past, I used a melody from Ludwig Senfle’s part song “Ich Shell mein Horn ins Jamers Ton” as the CF for what resembles a classical chorale prelude.


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