Instrumentation: Piccolo, 2 flutes, Alto Flute, 3 Clarinets, Bass Clarinet
Playing time: 9' 15
Copyright 2011
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Echoes for Cl. octet (Opens in a new tab)

Echoes was composed for the combined Macalester College flute and clarinet ensembles.  The title holds a number of meanings for this piece.  Much of the piece was composed during a residency in Echo Park, an exotic community next to downtown Los Angles.  The first movement, “BACH”, uses the Bb-A-C-B(H) motif as a reflection upon the importance of JSBach as well as all past composers.  The second movement, “Methodical,” uses an echo-like texture in the background throughout the piece.  The third movement, “Moderato Assai,” is full of imitative counterpoint.  The BACH motif does recur in the second and third movement.  Parts are available upon request.  Echoes has since been transcribed as a piece for clarinet octet and a piece band.  The clarinet octet is on this page with a computer realization which fairly represents the outer movements; the 2nd movement includes some aleatoric passages which are better represented by the recording of the flute/clarinet ensemble.

Echoes for flutes & clarinets

Clarinet octet (computer)