Two Pieces for Jazz Combo

Instrumentation: alto sax, elect. guitar, piano, drums
Playing time: 5 mins. each
Copyright 2000
Two Pieces for Jazz Combo (with alto sax) (Opens in a new tab)
Two Pieces for Jazz Combo (W/Tenor sax (Opens in a new tab)
Parts for Spurning the Moment

Clouds and Spurning the Moment were originally written for the MacJazz Big Band in the early 80s and went under the title Jazz Suite (with an additional third movement).  These combo versions were the result of a performance opportunity with Macalester studio faculty perfomers.  Both pieces can be played with either tenor or alto sax– the recording uses alto sax.  Clouds is an atmospheric, almost impressionist piece.  Spurning the Moment is my advice to my students to act NOW, rather than putting “it” off to another time.

Parts for Spurning are provided for the sax, the guitar and the drums.  Performers should play from score on Clouds.

Clouds (with alto sax)

Spurning the Moment (with alto sax)